Zeichnungsräume/ Drawing Rooms
08. May 2016

Zeichnungsräume, Positionen zeitgenössischer Graphik, Hamburger Kunsthalle,

TEIL II 25. NOVEMBER 2016 – 21. MAI 2017.

The medium of drawing is more relevant today than ever before. Young artists in particular are dedicating themselves once more to drawing alone, using it confidently to make their mark. They regard their drawings not only as self-contained studies but as constructions, diagrams, reports or even as musical scores, in which the line becomes a means of expressing time, memory and space. »Drawings are concentrations of time and space, future and past, mental, intellectual and even metaphysical experience and thought,« says the Frankfurt artist Lucie Beppler, summarising the characteristics of line, stroke and contour. For her, »Drawing is the most intense, most diverse, most humble medium; the finest means of artistic expression.«

Catalogue: at Kerber Verlag